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Secret to Virtual Events from National Speaker Association Keynote
Secret to Virtual Events from National Speaker Association Keynote
Secret to Virtual Events from National Speaker Association Keynote

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Looking to Hire a Virtual Keynote Speaker in 2020?

Brian is currently offering 3 packages:

Virtual Event Producer

As an all-inclusive event producer, Brian works with brands, events, and associations to help redesign what an ideal virtual event should look like. Brian starts by helping to define what success looks like, and then designs the content, customizes the format, trains the speakers, and ultimately educates the audience to build a total package from a “digital-first” mindset for a virtual event.

Virtual Event Host & Emcee

In addition to keynote speaking, Brian is an event host and emcee, where he advises speakers and sponsors, helping them understand what it means to be interactive. As an emcee, Brian helps to foster conversation and interactions in chat rooms and understands the importance of both produced and live video components. 

Virtual Keynote Speaker

Brian redesigns each of his popular keynote programs so the content includes “snackable” components such as fireside chats, interactive elements, and real-time examples that wouldn’t necessarily fit into an offline, traditional stage setting. 

Brian’s virtual programs include stories, experiences, and real-world takeaways. His programs leverage the platforms that exist and integrate within the design of an interactive digital event. 

Want to create a Dynamic Virtual Experience Presentation for your next Digital Event?

Here are a few examples of Brian’s virtual event experiences:

  • Launched live video platforms for IBM, Dell, SAP, and Oracle
  • Created a 20-hour live streaming event for the Superbowl that included Capgemini, IBM, SAP, Deloitte, and Futurium 
  • Launched a 12-hour live video takeover of in 2016, leveraging 20 live streamers around the world managed from a studio
  • Online Host for Global Marketing Day 2019
  • Digital Host for Dell Technologies World, IBM Insights, and HP Discovery World
  • Built the live streaming event strategy for large conferences such as Social Media Marketing World, Inbound, and Adobe Summit

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