The Field of Dreams Marketing Game Is Over! If You Build It, Nobody is Coming!

Great content isn’t determined by you (the brand); it’s determined by your loyal customers. The future of marketing is relatability – and your ability to relate to customers today will focus heavily on empowering your community and telling your brand story through authenticity, transparency, and trust.

Brand trust and loyalty are on the decline, and today’s consumers are more educated than ever before. The marketing objective is simple: shrink the distance between our brand and our customers by creating conversations, creating real-time content strategies, and collaborating with those already trusted by your consumers, your employees, your influencers, and your current fans.

In this keynote program, Brian will educate attendees on the changing landscape of today’s consumers, inspire you to change your perspective, teach how every brand can empower its fans, and motivate you to THINK LIKE A FAN.

Audiences will walk away inspired and motivated with an understanding of the following:

  • How to leverage content and social media to talk WITH your community (turning customers into fans and fans into influencers)
  • K.I.S.S. content plan to empower user-generated content, influencer marketing, and employee advocacy
  • The “Field of Dreams” marketing game is over
  • Creating content in real-time including social video, live video, and podcasting
  • How to identify who your customers are – and how and where they want to receive content
  • How to amplify your offline experiences
  • How to reach the influencers who influence the people making the buying decisions


Martin Brems
Founder Digital Odense

“Brian’s keynote was rated in the top and the feedback fantastic!
The collaboration with Brian has been outstanding – and he really lives his #Thinklikeafan philosophy– especially when he took his time to talk and engage with the participants at the conference all day long, evening and even night.
I hope to be able to work with Brian again in the future. My highest recommendation”

Michael Stelzner
Founder Social Media Marketing World

“Brian Fanzo is always on the cutting edge of social media. If you’re looking for someone to bring the fire to your team or your next event, Brian is the man.”

Tim Crawford
CEO Avoa

“Brian not only understands the value of social media, but lives it through the myriad of paths he engages to others. Brian is a great example of how one fully immerses themselves in social media in a meaningful way through appropriate leveraging a number of core tools. While following Brian’s examples would be challenging for most, only doing a portion of them will still provide impressive results.”

Watch A Clip from Brian’s Keynote at B2Bmx 2019 in Scottsdale

Blog Post Related To Keynote Program

If brands created an experience and community that inspired fandom like sports does in every city around the world, would brand marketing stop feeling the need to disrupt every good blog or video with an annoying call to action or ruin every social media platform with self promotional content?

As we look towards the future of innovation the question becomes what will the world look like powered by artificial intelligence integrated with augmented and virtual reality.

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