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The 5 Most Important Live Streaming Software Features in 2020

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Which software to use for launching a virtual event is by far the most popular question I’ve received over the last four months. Although I do I have a report on the 70+ virtual event platforms I reviewed coming out this month; there isn’t an easy answer. My big focus has been breaking down each software into categories, but it event still it can get confusing, especially the group of LIVE STREAMING SOFTWARE. 

The solution you pick will often be determined by your unique scenario, which is why I created a full post on my favorite platforms by scenarios here. While scenario-based software selection can work for some, I believe it’s critical first to understand the features you need to accomplish your live streaming goals.

Since first “Pressing The Damn Button” with live streaming back in March of 2014, I’ve done over 3.5k live streams across every platform using 50+ different tools launching Facebook Live and Instagram Live for Fortune 500 brands. I’ve also produced 100’s of multi-streaming live shows and podcasts on Periscope, YouTube Live, and Linkedin Live.

Based on that experience and the current live streaming state in 2020, here are the:

5 most important features to look for when selecting your live streaming solution.

  1. API & Partner Friendly: How open the software is to work with other video production tools and live streaming gear.
  2. Personalized Multi-Streaming: Ability to customize the social post with unique customized titles and descriptions when multi-streaming.
  3. Approved to Live Stream on All Platforms: Approved partners with social networks you want to live stream on, especially new platforms such as Linkedin Live and YouTube.
  4. Easy to use Production Capabilities: Ability to create a high-quality live stream with lower 3rds and overlays without requiring a broadcasting encoder or production team.
  5. Zoom Style Interviewing without needing Zoom: Multi-person browser-based interviewing without requiring software installation for the guest or guests.

If you want to understand each of these features in more detail, watch the video below as I breakdown each element that exists within the software Restream, which is my number 1 choice for browser-based multi-streaming in 2020.

In full transparency, I’ve had multiple browsers based live streaming solutions approach me as an influencer to partner. Still, I hadn’t found one that included everything I needed and wanted to partner with until I started using Restream Studio in February of 2020.  

This is why I’m incredibly proud to have partnered with Restream.IO to power my new live video podcast PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON. This decision was easy thanks to Restream Studio as it’s the only platform that allows me to have up to 10 guests and stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Linkedin. You can watch a recent interview I did here and made sure to follow the hashtag #PressTheDamnButton on Linkedin to get my next live stream in your feed.

Use this link here for special pricing on Restream:

*In the video above, I leveraged eCamm Live to change cameras and share my screen, which is also the combination of tools I use for live streaming my virtual keynotes and more. The power of eCamm Live + Restream.IO is unmatched for live streaming across multiple channels, leveraging multiple cameras while integrating different scenes and transitions! 

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