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June 2021

Press The Damn Button Podcast


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About Press The Damn Button

There are people that talk about what they want to do and those that make things happen!

Are you looking to stand out from the noise, tell your story, and change the world?

Join global keynote speaker and digital futurist Brian Fanzo as he leverages his passion for connecting great people doing great stuff to bring you the secrets of those that have pressed that damn button transforming their lives and their businesses in ways that will inspire us all.

No matter your niche it all comes down to the fact that most will listen, some will take notes but only a few will #PressTheDamnButton

Brian also is the host of FOMOFanz podcast and Just Try This with Amy Landino

Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

Podcast Host & Digital Futurist

I’m a proud dad of three girls under the age of 10, a Pittsburgh loving sports fan, a self-proclaimed change evangelist that has created over 3.5k live streaming videos, hosted over 400 podcast episodes and tweeted over 200k times!

When not online I love hanging out with my girlfriends and daughters, watching live music, visiting a great local brewery and pricing around my Jeep Wrangler.

Press The Damn Button Blog Posts

Embrace the Story You’re Currently In

Embrace the Story You’re Currently In

Mike Ganino is this weeks special guest on the Press The Damn Button Podcast Mike is the host of the Mike Drop Moment podcast, keynote speaker, storyteller and much much more!

Mike believes there are 3 types of stories; the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we share with our audiences, and the ones that our audiences remember.

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