Press The Damn Button Keynote Program

The Future Of First Impressions

I was so impressed that I Pressed The Damn Button!

After watching Brian’s Press The Damn Button keynote program at Content Marketing World, I was so impressed that I went into the hallway and pressed the damn button and recorded a post right away! – Dennis Shiao

The Days of Letting Your Work Do The Talking Are Over. You Must Tell Your Story!

In today’s digitally noisy world, people crave an emotional connection to the brands with which they do business. The increased rate of change and the speed of innovation make it harder to stand out to today’s hyper-connected consumers.

In order to capture the attention of more customers, make more sales, and increase awareness for your products and services, you must first tell your authentic story.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • The importance of sharing their story to create trust, awareness, and connection
  • How to identify and share what makes them unique How to remove the barriers of needing to be perfect
  • How to create meaningful connections with customers and colleagues
  • The Principle of Test, Tweak, and Repeat

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