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The Future of an Innovative Workforce

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The Future of Tomorrow’s Technology on Today

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The Future of Marketing is Relatability

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The Future of First Impressions

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Shrink The Distance Keynote Program


Technology should bring people together, not push them apart. In this program, Brian teaches how to leverage new technology and collaboration tools in order to achieve better business results. (Spoiler alert… his advice might surprise you!)

Before you focus on the next shiny object, you must first set the course for your business, learn how to embrace innovation, and identify the right technology for today.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • The process for evaluating the need for new technology in your business
  • Future trends that will impact your industry and your customersHow to increase collaboration, not distract from it
  • The impact technology has on productivity
  • Stop using technology to solve people problems
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Press The Damn Button Keynote Program


In today’s digitally noisy world, people crave an emotional connection to the brands with which they do business. The increased rate of change and the speed of innovation make it harder to stand out to today’s hyper-connected consumers.

In order to capture the attention of more customers, make more sales, and increase awareness for your products and services, you must first tell your authentic story.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • The importance of sharing their story to create trust, awareness, and connection
  • How to identify and share what makes them unique How to remove the barriers of needing to be perfect
  • How to create meaningful connections with customers and colleagues
  • The Principle of Test, Tweak, and Repeat
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Future-Ready Keynote Program


Brian was the first government contractor to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and not wear a suit and tie. The result of his presentation (on recruiting government employees) sparked a conversation around the importance of conformity versus empowering people for success. He paved the way for positive change in the toughest, regulated environment.

Everyone gets excited about new trends and technologies, but successful adoption of new ideas requires a culture that enables and supports change.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • Create a culture that teaches self-awareness at every level
  • Empower your employees to know what they don’t know
  • Understand the motivational drivers of your employees and team members
  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses to identify the right leader for the right project
  • Recognize employees who are digitally connected versus digitally unplugged
  • Foster cross-generational collaboration that connects change, community, and a shared purpose
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Think Like A Fan Keynote Program


Your marketing success isn’t determined by you (the brand); it’s determined by your customers. Contrary to popular belief, customers don’t have a short attention span… they just have no time or patience for crappy content.

In order to reach your customers in the ways and places they prefer, you must create marketing from their perspective. This program teaches how to think like your ideal customer – and connect your story to their story.

By engaging with customers where they are today, and listening to where they will be tomorrow, you will also uncover who [and what] influences them.

In today’s world, you can no longer expect customers to come to you… you must learn new ways to connect with them where they are.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • Change your marketing from talking at your customers to talking with them
  • Turn customers into fans and fans into influencersEmpower user-generated content, influencer marketing, and employee advocacy
  • Identify who your customers are – and how and where they want to receive information
  • Amplify your offline experiences
  • Reach the influencers who influence the people making the buying decisions

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