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How Professional Speakers Can Grow Their Business with Clubhouse.

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I’ve been all-in on the social-audio app Clubhouse since December 9th and it’s driven more leads for my speaking business than any other content marketing strategies I’ve used over the last 5 years. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Grant Baldwin the host of the Speaker Lab podcast to share my tips and tactics for growing my speaking business without pitching or even promoting my services. Give this episode a listen and then connect with my @isocialfanz on Clubhouse and let me know your thoughts.

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Using Clubhouse for Your Speaking Career with Brian Fanzo

Have you heard of using Clubhouse for your speaking career? The clubhouse is the hottest app right now and it’s by invitation-only.

Friend of the show, Brian Fanzo, is joining us on today’s The Speaker Lab. He’s here to talk about what it is, how to use it for booking gigs and how it has helped his mental health during the pandemic.

Hear us dive into those Clubhouse-related topics and so much more on episode 331 of The Speaker Lab.


In this conversation he answers all of these questions for me…

  • What is his top tip for using Clubhouse as a speaker?
  • How is this app like a pop-up mastermind?
  • Why asking great questions on Clubhouse is the way to stand out.
  • Is it better to host or participate?
  • How this app has helped his mental health through this pandemic.
  • How can you find your groups on this app and insert yourself in their conversations?
  • Should you have a call to action?
  • And so much more!

Going back to that opening sentence of this email, neither group is better than the other, by the way. Some of us naturally gravitate to experimenting with new technology and some of us would rather stick with the tried and true. 

There’s no right answer for ALL of us, but what’s right for YOU?

“Be strategic with who you are following and be curious.”Brian Fanzo


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