Future-Ready your business Keynote Program

The Future Of An Innovative Workforce 


Brian was the first government contractor to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and not wear a suit and tie. The result of his presentation (on recruiting government employees) sparked a conversation around the importance of conformity versus empowering people for success. He paved the way for positive change in the toughest, regulated environment.

Everyone gets excited about new trends and technologies, but the successful adoption of new ideas requires a culture that enables and supports the change.

In this program, individuals and companies will learn:

  • Create a culture that teaches self-awareness at every level
  • Empower your employees to know what they don’t know
  • Understand the motivational drivers of your employees and team members
  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses to identify the right leader for the right project
  • Recognize employees who are digitally connected versus digitally unplugged
  • Foster cross-generational collaboration that connects change, community, and a shared purpose

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Claire Stevens Brian Fanzo

“His knowledge on connecting generations is simply unprecedented!”

We were absolutely thrilled to have Brian present at our company. He was professional, transparent, and patient with us, and we highly recommend him to others. His knowledge on connecting generations is simply unprecedented!

Claire Stevens Brian Fanzo

“He’s An Incredible Guy With A Huge Heart!”

Our audience is hard to impress, having heard some of the biggest names in the entrepreneur and social media space, but Brian seriously delivered and they were all raving about him after the event. I would have him back to speak at one of our events in a heartbeat. Thanks for making the trip down under Brian, you’re a legend!

Claire Stevens Brian Fanzo

"Brian has a gift for bringing people together"

You may think Brian Fanzo is all about technology. But he’s not. Brian Fanzo is all about connecting people using technology. It’s a huge (hugely important) difference. Brian has a gift for bringing people together, online and offline.  If you can find a way to work with him, do it.

Claire Stevens Brian Fanzo

“Working with Brian was such a breath of fresh air!”

Everything from before the event, to onsite, and even the follow-up was seamless and easy with Brian! He was always on time, brought his own equipment, and made time to chat with any attendees who wanted to meet him after his session.  We can’t wait to work with Brian again!

Who Has Hired Brian?

Travel & Hospitality

AIC Hotel Group, Hard Rock Hotel, Virtuoso Travel, eTourism Summit, Peak 15 Systems, MGM Grand

Enterprise Tech & High Tech
Association of Higher Technology Distribution, IBM Dev World, Adobe Summit, Oracle Marketing, VMworld, AWS ReInvent, Gartner Experience, Mobile World Congress, Dell EMC
Marketing Industry
Inbound, Content Marketing World, Social Media Marketing World, Marketo Nation, Social Shake-Up, SXSW, Video Marketing World, SocialFresh, Digital Summit
Government & Non-Profit
DISA Summit, Military Influencer Summit, No Kid Hungry, Dot Org, Gartner Gov Symposium, Uni Madison Wisconsin, Learning Dev Conference
Real Estate & Fintech
Geneva Financial, Old Republic Title, Connectpreneur, Dex Media, Dominion Enterprises
B2B & Customer Experience
B2BMx, Marketing Profs, Oracle MCX, HP World, Hubspot Inbound, SAP Saphire, Workfront, Sitel Summit,
Entrepreneur & Lifestyle
Google Startup World, US Sailing Leadership Forum, Superbowl 50, Professional Beauty Association, Women’s Experience Expo, National Speakers Association
Leadership & Healthcare
Dental Insurance Leadership Forum, US Sailing Leadership Forum, Healthcare Internet Conference, Connectpreneur Healthcare Services, Medutopia

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