Future-Proof Your Business: Innovation

How to understand customer behaviors today, while preparing for customer behaviors tomorrow

In this program, Brian bridges the gaps between generations in the workplace and creates a deeper understanding of today’s consumers and how they like to receive information.
Audiences will walk away inspired and motivated with an understanding of the following:

  • How to capture the attend of your customers and maintain it
  • Millennials make up over 50% of today’s workforce. Creating personas in marketing around those born during certain years can be valuable, but with a multi-generational workforce it’s essential to understand that a millennial mindset is not restricted to employees of a certain age.
  • It’s not about the year you were born; it’s your willingness to embrace change, collaboration, and community
  • Collaboration isn’t about everyone having a task. Successful collaboration enables everyone to focus on what they do the best. Not every employee needs to be a social employee but every employee plays an important role in a brand’s storytelling efforts.
  • Digital and social business tools enable scale, management, and reporting. Too often, however, tools are thrown at people’s problems. Your marketing goal should be to address human needs before technology.

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Chris Brogan
CEO Owner Media Group

“Brands and companies need to have a millennial mindset when seeking to build relationships with their customers. Brian Fanzo is the go-to millennial in the social media space, as he has a firm understanding and true care and concern for his generation. “

Vidar Brekke
CEO Meddle it

"If you’re an enterprise marketer looking for someone separate shiny objects from actually useful tools and technologies, check in with Brian. He gets marketing and social, and more importantly, how to use technology to make your company human again. "

Jenny Quinn,
CEO JennyQ

"Over my career, I’ve seen keynotes delivered by many of the greats…Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, & Bob Proctor, just to name a few. At Periscope Summit in NYC I saw another great - Brian Fanzo. His keynote was easily in the Top 5 of all keynotes I’ve seen! "

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My focus is around each of the main components of a millennial mindset and explaining how it doesn’t matter what year you were born or where you live or what your resume says, when you realize EVERYTHING is really about the people!

Today’s enterprise companies are jumping all in with digital transformation. They are excited about integrating internet of things sensors with big data solutions combined with artificial intelligence leveraging augmented and virtual realities.

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