Today, every business must be in the “trust” business.

Layers of complexity and innovation have amplified the importance and value of storytelling and relatability. Even though the world has become much more digitally-connected, many business practices haven’t changed that much.

This means: marketers must shift their mindsets – focusing on being relatable through transparency and vulnerability while maintaining authority ultimately bridging the gap between emotional connection & digital innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand digital native consumer behaviors and the mindset required to integrate emotional intelligence in today’s business.
  • Learn about the three Ts required to create synergy between the need to humanize/personalize our business by leveraging technology and social media.
  • Walk away with a game plan to create a strategy that leverages dynamic virtual emotions into emotional storytelling and digital empathy.




2 Ways To Enhance Your Digital First Impression

In this hyper-connected world, you must invest in your digital first impression by sharing your experiences and making it easy to discover you!

Who or What is to blame for the lack of digital empathy?

We must do our part leveraging our digital 360-view to better understand and feel for those around us creating an empathetic foundation for the future

Why Successful Collaboration Starts with Employee Empowerment Not Software

Trust is the most critical component in creating a collaborative culture, and employees today WANT to trust their company. Still, trust can’t be just one-directional, just like collaboration can’t be all about the way the company wants to communicate.

“We now have the ability to not only tell our story, but to listen and learn from people around the world.”Digital Empathy Quote Brian Fanzo

“I believe there are a lot of people doing great things, but most of us do not know about all of that, because we have this noise, we have bad news… and right now we have coronavirus news,” 

How can the world become more empathetic? 

“The answer is, we have to allow other people to be empathetic toward us. If every one of us tells our story and allows people in and to be empathetic to us, to understand who we are, together we would combine to make the world a more empathetic place. I do believe we are a world full of good people doing good things.

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