Every business today is in the business of trust and as the layers of our business world are expanded through innovation the importance of storytelling and relatability increase in importance and value. As we’ve learned over the last 10 years that although the world is more digitally connected and digitally dependent many business practices still ring true requiring us to shift our mindset for how digital innovation will replace what we do offline to how can digital innovation amplify, scale and simulate what we do in the real world.

In this presentation, Brian will walk through the strategies and innovations that are being used today and what will be used in the future to convey raw emotion and immersive storytelling enabling businesses to truly reach out and touch their consumers virtually.

The audience will walk away with:

  • An understanding of today’s digitally native consumer behaviors and the mindset required to integrate and leverage emotional intelligence in today’s business.
  • Examples and scenarios where technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and deep learning are being leveraged to provide personalized virtual experiences.
  • The 3 T’s required to create synergy between our need to humanize and personalize our business while innovating and leveraging technology and social media.
  • A game plan to study and track the emotional storytelling being used today while inspiring them to create a strategy that will set them up for leveraging the dynamic virtual emotions available via the innovations of tomorrow.

What is “Digital Empathy” Watch As Brian Explains His View


Sarah Moore
CEO Eleven Lights Media

“As a fellow millennial, I have watched Brian Fanzo set the bar for what can be achieved through community and collaboration - two principles he lives by. I am convinced he has achieved so much, so young because he is a true hustler. He says - and then - he does; a rare commodity in our generation.”

Ellisa Salk
Events Mgr G3 Comm

“Everything from before the event, to onsite, and even the follow-up was seamless and easy with Brian! He was always on time, brought his own equipment, and made time to chat with any attendees who wanted to meet him after his session.
We can’t wait to work with Brian again!”

Nicole Wight
VP, Dex Media

“We were absolutely thrilled to have Brian present at our company. He was professional, transparent, and patient with us, and we highly recommend him to others. His knowledge on connecting generations is simply unprecedented!”

Blog Post Related To Keynote Program

My focus is around each of the main components of a millennial mindset and explaining how it doesn’t matter what year you were born or where you live or what your resume says, when you realize EVERYTHING is really about the people!

The world needs more empathy, I believe this is something we can all agree on but what does that mean? For many when they think about being empathetic they immediately think about their interaction with others. Which is the key principle of empathy but I believe to be an empathetic leader not only must you recognize and share in the feelings of others but you must make changes to empower others to recognize and share in your own feelings.

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