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I proudly launched this site on May 1st, 2019 after many months of research and design.  Although I’ve had a speaker landing page within my blog site iSocialFanz.com it always felt forced and too busy.  As I planned the launch of the next phase of my speaker business, which included announcing that I signed with Michelle Joyce Speaker Agency.  I knew I would need a website dedicated only to speaking.  As a daily content creator, I realized this site would need to be different than past sites I’ve created.  It would need to be tailored towards speaker bureaus, event planners and associations looking to hire speakers rather than fans of my content. With this as my goal I set out to review 100+ professional speaker websites with 3 areas of focus:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Personality
  3. Video without compromising speed.
Lucky enough for me I also have a good friend who started a company called Fabl.co which is a dynamic enterprise content hub that would be perfect for creating what I envisioned.  This would require some new learning and collaboration with his design team but it would eliminate many of the pain points and stale feeling that most WordPress sites have. It also happens to be the same platform Jay Baer used for his speaker website.

So with all this in mind I set out 6 months ago to review 100+ “professional speaker” websites looking for common themes, things I liked, things I didn’t like.  I planned on narrowing it down to 5 or 6 websites that I could use as inspiration for my site but settled at 10.

In full transparency, I’m friends with most of these speakers but that didn’t influence this list.  This list is my opinion and is what I used as inspiration. I’m sure there are many other great sites but for me, these are the ones that I referenced as I designed BrianFanzo.com

Common themes you’ll notice with these sites I used as inspiration:

  • Video element at top of homepage
  • Bold use of colors
  • Dynamic bright photos
  • Infinite scroll telling a story as you scroll
  • Speaking is the primary focus with other products or services tilted towards event planner
  • Strong statements with strong branding across every page
  • All but 1 URL was firstname+lastname (Andrew Davis too common + akaDrewDavis)

In no particular order here are the 10 sites I used as inspiration to launch this speaker site:

Besides the obvious of him being a mentor, in the same speaker agency and using the same platform his site hits a homerun when it comes to my 3 areas of focus. I especially like how each page allows the user to select to watch a video but the video isn’t loading as an embed therefore not sacrificing page speed.

The only thing more dynamic & fun than Mike’s website is his style and designer hair.
Mike’s crisp use of photos and color contrast grab just scream FUN! While his use of white space and testimonials makes the site feel very professional and insightful

This was my favorite site so much so I had to message Clint in February and let him know I loved his site and wanted to leverage a lot of his design and he thankfully said he didn’t mind. Client’s site does is bold thanks to his great use of video, clean photos and an eye-popping contact form design. And he has the coolest speaker reel I’ve ever seen!

Kindra is a master storyteller and her site screams storytelling with bold colors, great use of fonts and video in many places but not too much video. I love the simplicity as each page has a clear purpose and value for her speaker brand.

Professional, simple and creative as Phil does an amazing job of using bold colors and bright photos to align with his branding. I also love how he presents his books using the contrast of colors with the 3 books covers making them jump off the screen.

She does everything and her site has everything but it doesn’t feel busy as the infinite scroll tells a bold story. The site highlights her tv show, her books, her podcasts and many other products but it’s clean and dynamic so it doesn’t feel overwhelming yet covers everything!

Many refer to her as my twin as we are both passionate, loud and fun and her site represents that from top to bottom. I love her video across the top with the site navigation overlay on the video as it’s bold yet done with a simple clean format.

Andrew is the best speaker I’ve ever seen on stage and I’m thankful to call him a friend and mentor. As for his site I love how simple the navigation is and he does a great job of sharing his accomplishments with pictures but in a fun storytelling way. Drew brings you along on his journey rather than throwing his awesomeness in your face.

This pint-sized fun Aussie is a close friend of mine and for every ounce of fun, she has a matching ounce of elegance on and off stage. Her use of whitespace combined with the gold branding and clean edge to edge videos have her site capturing your “attention” while also giving you a sense of luxury love.

The author of Iconic has a site that screams experience and wisdom combined with bold dynamic photos and graphics. As you scroll you can almost hear and feel Scott’s iconic voice and stage presence.

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