When others zig, Brian zags and often times enjoys the challenge of being the after lunch speaker or opening keynote as his passion, energy and stage presence will hold the attention of those just getting their morning coffee or rubbing their bellies from their big lunch.

Brian isn’t a sales guy and often refers to himself as a technology geek that fell in love with the power of collaboration via social media that happens to work in digital marketing.  Brian’s goal is to inspire, motivate and educate the audience with actionable takeaways focusing on partnering with the conference organizers and attendees never selling from the stage rather creating tweetable moments and giving hugs + selfies with the crowd that many events hire Brian for back to back years just after he steps off stage.  

Brian’s true passion is “Connecting GREAT people, with GREAT insights to do GREAT shit!” and treats every event and client as a full partnership rather than a one off event including video introductions, promotional social media posts and a promise to spend a FULL day at the event on the day he is speaking.  Brian’s mom claims he came out of the womb talking which is part of the reason Brian believes that professional speaking is his dream job as you won’t catch him being the “Fly in – Fly out” traditional speaker as the only thing he spends more time on than perfecting his speaking craft is investing in and connecting with his community.  

Brian has over 250K+ social media followers and proudly proclaims that social media transformed his personal and professional lives as his messages of #ShowUcare, #BeYourself and #ThinkLikeAFan empower him to practice the philosophy that Brian preaches when it comes to social media.

“Social Media will never replace a handshake, but when used to connect, collaborate and build relationships it will give you the opportunity to have more handshakes and turn many handshakes into hugs & selfies!”